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If you have a need to create a pest proof enclosure for plant protection our Critterfence garden fence kits and garden fences are for you.

Here's why:

  • Our garden fencing is strong but nearly invisible from a distance. It's designed to blend in with your existing landscape. Our fence systems are invisible by comparison.
  • Completely NON-ELECTRIC, no shock systems to fail or to impact your pets – not harmful to animals, no barbs or large opening size fence for deer and large animals to get caught in and injured.
  • Compare the cost! Less expensive than conventional fencing, large areas can be fenced in at an affordable price. Most customers install our garden fence kits themselves or hire a local handyman. No specific skills or knowledge is needed.
  • Our garden fences are customizable. Choose the best strength, height, opening size and more for your project.
  • Professional garden fence installation is available. Need help? Let us plan and install what you need. Garden Fence Installation through our network of Critterfence trained installers.
  • As professional installers of this type of fencing, these are the same materials we install for our customers. We stock and ship these same materials that we install, so you can construct a professional grade DIY fence for yourself.
  • We ship our products wholesale direct from 3 warehouse locations. Most orders ship within 24 hours and arrive within 3 business days.
  • Need a seasonal garden fence or removable garden fence? All of our garden fences can be installed permanently or made removable if needed. Use included sleeve set screws to make your fence permanent or removable. A good example might be setting up a fence for seasonal winter deer protection and taking it down in the spring. Customers can also set up an entire vegetable garden fence and take it down after the growing season, leaving open area to till without a fence around it.
  • Need a complete garden fence enclosure with a top? Take a look at our complete garden fences with four sides and a top. Great for growing berries and other plants that birds love to attack.


We feature garden fence kits and components of many different breaking strengths and opening sizes – there are thousands of kits to choose from with many different options.

We specialize in providing this specific type of fencing and have been for a long time. We offer professional grade do it yourself garden fence kits and materials designed to be installed by standard tools. Please compare then contact with questions, we're happy to explain how to get your project done.


  • Most of our garden fence kits include fencing that's overlapped on top of the ground and pinned to the ground with ground stakes. This is very important for gardens because it covers changes in elevation and prevents animals from pushing up under the fence or digging for entry.
  • Our metal garden fencing is hot dip galvanized after weaving or welding. This is important because garden fencing will likely make soil contact with soil that has moisture in it. Without the best corrosion resistance, you will not have a fence that will last. This is a very important point when distinguishing our fencing from big box retailers or mass marketers that often have electro galvanized mesh (not as good – no zinc coating on welds or joints).
  • Our garden fences can be made temporary or permanent, removable for storage using our exclusive locking set screw sleeves.
  • We specialize in small opening size mesh – 2 inch opening or smaller fencing for gardens. Popular sizes include one inch square and 1/2x1/2 square. With small opening size fences, animals are less likely to get trapped or hung up in the fence itself. For example, google search "animals caught in fence".
  • Our fences work! Please take a look at our reviews, customer submitted photos and more for garden fence ideas.
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